This congress aims to highlight the competences of Moroccan women in all fields. An event that aims to show the diversity of women's competences, their potential and their success. Moroccan women as locomotives of development; their role in Morocco and internationally. This congress of Moroccan women professionals will discuss the changes Morocco is experiencing through women's skills. It will also highlight the steps towards parity, women's participation and the challenges that still need to be overcome. The Moroccan Women's Skills Congress wants this meeting to serve to build networks and partnerships to deepen technological knowledge and promote women's contribution to development. An international meeting of German and Moroccan women's competences on 22, 23 and 24 April 2022 in Fés and in Düsseldorf. More
  • to successfully upgrade existing competences and acquire new ones
  • For the strengthening of a Common Intelligence!

Science & Politics

Morocco is strongly gaining in attractiveness, also thanks to its women's expertise.

The economic outlook in Morocco has improved significantly. This attractiveness of Morocco is based on its reforms, its great capacity for innovation and its desire for sustainable ecological change, putting digitalisation and artificial intelligence at the heart of economic development. These reforms can be achieved with the various countries, especially Germany. German-Moroccan relations are more than ever indispensable in this changing world. Germany's economic power is one of the means to successfully implement reforms in Morocco and thus secure its attractiveness in the longer term.


Economy & Research

play an essential role in the acquisition of skills, especially among women, particularly to promote the mobility of researchers by removing obstacles to effective and in-depth cooperation between Moroccan and German higher education institutions and by deepening cooperation with economic operators. In this respect, digitalisation is a unique opportunity to change the situation: Digitisation poses major challenges for training and education systems to improve the skills of women academics, as well as for the creation of opportunities for women to acquire any skills.


Companies & associations

can help build sustainable partnerships that stand for tolerance and competence. The high unemployment rate of graduates in Morocco is not only due to a lack of job opportunities, but also to a problem of availability of skills in the market. It is a combination of education, mobility and availability for work. The amount of work to be done in the framework of cooperation between Germany and Morocco is still considerable and must be accompanied by a change of mentality. It is a real cultural change that needs to be made to raise the level of competence to the expectations and needs of the companies.


International organisations

help to face historical challenges and prepare for the future.

- How can Moroccan competences be integrated into the EU Skills Strategy 2020 - 2025?            -  How do Moroccan women's competences integrate the United Nations Skills Strategy 2020 - 2030 and the development of its positive impact in Morocco?                                                                - Moroccan women's competences at international level. What is at stake? What are the consequences for development? The diaspora and the motherland, what is the balance of power put forward by the countries?


                                    Which approach is the right one for participation?

Do you have a question about our congress or would you simply like to receive further information, then you have the opportunity to contact us here. Your enquiry will be forwarded to the chosen department and answered as quickly as possible with competence and expertise. Even if you have information for us, we look forward to your information and interest!


The Congress

 Look forward to countless competence-related topics. The programme also focuses on important competence areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Sustainable Development, Education and Training, Networking.

The lectures will be given by experts - researchers, artists, athletes, managers, project leaders, etc. - from Morocco and Germany. - from Morocco and Germany.



Presence and Virtual Exhibition Hall

The Presence and Virtual exhibition hall will welcome nearly 50 exhibitors. Focused on innovation, new technologies and environmental management, these exhibitors represent environmental service companies, manufacturers and distributors of equipment and tools, consulting engineering firms, consultancies, research institutes, laboratories, training centres, non-profit organisations, associations, etc.                                                                                  These organisations are active in a wide range of sectors, including water, waste management, soil and groundwater, air, climate change and energy, and biodiversity.              Face-to-face and virtual spaces are now available. Book your stand now! Visit the exhibition hall section for more information.




For three days, meet in presence and online the key players of the Moroccan Women's Competences from Germany, from Morocco and from different countries of the Moroccan Diasporas: - Arrange business meetings with our exhibitors; - Chat online with specialists from different fields; - Participate in discussions on a variety of topics in the event forum.

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